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What are Expert Witness Services?

Expert witness services are services provide a qualified medical expert based on information given by a court of law in a medical legal case. The services of the expert witness may be employed for litigations, arbitrations, or tribunals.

Who can be an Expert Witness?

An expert witness in a medical legal case can be a certified doctor with advanced training in a field that is related to the dispute, or a general practitioner, a nurse practitioner, a physical therapist, or a certified medical professional.

Indications for Expert Witness Services

Expert witness services may be employed when opinion evidence of the medical expert may help bring about an early resolution of a dispute in a medical legal case.

What Services do Expert Witness Provide?

The various services provided by expert witnesses include:

  • Testifying in a medical legal case by providing an impartial and independent expert medical opinion on a subject of dispute
  • Submitting a medical report that may be used as evidence
  • Verifying any medical information provided by the opposing party
  • Ensuring compliance with procedure rules and regulations in medical legal cases

Benefits of Expert Witness Services

Expert witness services can enlighten a jury about:

  • The pain and suffering experienced by an individual
  • The extent and severity of the injuries sustained
  • The need for surgery or other forms of treatment
  • The expected length of the recovery period
  • The limitations of an individual as a result of an injury or disease

Reproduced from the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners

Standards of Professionalism for Orthopaedic Expert Opinion and Testimony

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